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  • Organic certified

How to describe Riccardo Zanotto in a few words? Furniture maker and designer during the week, winemaker at the weekend. Creative. Visionary. Exhaustingly energetic! Yes, he is all of these things, and great fun too.

What he delivers for us is a snapshot of what Prosecco was in the last century. Natural, unfiltered and re-fermented in bottle.

During the first fermentation the wine juice must is left in contact with the grape skins for 2 days. The grape skins are then separated from the must by decanting the wine into refrigerated tanks, which stops the fermentation. In the spring the wine is bottled - with no added sulphites - to allow the second fermentation in bottle. The wine is not filtered and is typically ready around September. The Col Fondo you see on the name literally means ‘with sediment’.

The wines aren’t the most complex but they are wonderfully savoury, salty with honey and acacia notes. This is enormously drinkable wine.

Fermo meanwhile is a unique still Prosecco that offers quite a different drinking experience.