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Valli Unite

  • Organic certified since 1981
  • Biodynamic uncertified 

It is rare to find an organisation founded on such a strong ethical principal, that some fifty years after its inception has not only retained its core values, but has truly blossomed and thrived on them.

The self-sustaining Valli Unite cooperative, founded by three organically-focused young farmers, is now twenty five members strong. It has a reputation for quality, value and taste, and sees people drive miles across Italy to take part in their food and wine festivals, stay in their accommodation and buy their pastas, meats and wines.

At A&M we are proud of the fact that this cooperative was one of our very first partners, and our relationship remains strong to this day. The winemaking here is all about letting the grapes speak for themselves, as they all come from vines that haven’t been tarnished by man’s meddling hands. Although you should never expect the product of a unique vintage to taste the same as the last, you can rely on quality wines from here, year on year.

To deliver natural, sulphur-free wines at the quality and prices of the Ottavio Rube Rosso and Bianco is a great achievement and they are two of our most loved and best-selling wines. The lightly sparkling Brut & the Beast has a similarly strong following.