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Marco Sara

  • Organic Certified

The self-effacing, humble, brilliantly talented Marco Sara has got it right when he says that the winemaker should be a ‘non bulky co-star’ alongside the soil, climate and landscape, each of which are central to the final wine.

He is a listening winemaker. One who knows that in order to deliver a little bit of wine magic it’s important to let the grapes do the talking.

Somewhat atypically we began working with Marco’s delicious sweet wines at the start. The region is best known for its passito wines (where the sweetness comes from drying the already harvested grapes in the winery) so Marco’s are unusual as they are instead made from ‘noble rot’, thanks to the humid conditions in his vineyards. The wines are amongst the very best sweet wines we have yet had the pleasure to try.

It took a little bit of gentle persuasion to get the white and red dry wines bottled and exported here. Why there should ever have been any reticence in doing so is very much a reflection of the modesty of the man and not on the wines. They have a wonderful mineral, linear quality that is much admired by his loyal clientele and which makes them very good food wines too.