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  • Organic certified
  • Biodynamic uncertified
  • No sulphite

Two brothers Cipriano Barsanti (a biodynamic lecturer at the University of Florence) and Antonio Barsanti (a flute teacher) were born and raised at Macea, and are now its guardians and winemakers. Here, in the mountains of Northern Tuscany, where the sea has no influence and the temperatures can vary by as much as 22 degrees celsius at night, they make extraordinary wines of great finesse, aromatic complexity and depth. The Pinot Nero is a stand out performer – biodynamic wine at its best!

The estate is managed biodynamically, along with another ten out of a possible nineteen in the locale. We think this makes it one of the highest density biodynamic estates anywhere in the world.

Many of the grapes you’ll recognise, but there are a couple that are less familiar. The montanino that forms part of the blend of the Campo Caturesi is a close relation to the sangiovese that’s found in Corsica.

You may notice the remarkable labels that these wines have. All of them are the work of Cipriano and Antonio’s father who was studying fine art when their grandfather was killed in the war, forcing him to find a ‘proper job’ that would support the family. Today his sons remember him by using the paintings and drawings he continued to produce long after he had left his studies behind him.