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Damijan Podversic

  • Organic certified
  • Biodynamic uncertified
  • No sulphite

Located close to the Slovenian border, the intensely passionate bear-hug giver of a man, Damijan Podversic makes fantastic, unique wines from chardonnay, friulano, malvasia, ribolla gialla, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.

They are unique on several counts, but most important of all is that his wines have a percentage – some 20% - of noble rot in them. As a consequence they are ripe, mature, orchard-fruit, citrus and herbal scented. Another unique point is that his white wines are fermented on the skins (a technique you’d associate more commonly with reds). This gives them tannins and structures not often found in white wines.

Just as it is in the vineyard, work in the winery is led by the phases of the moon. The wines are pressed once the fermentation is complete; the musts removed and then aged in oak barrels for between two and three years.

Perhaps Damijan’s most cherished wine is the Bianco Kaplja – the blend is a tradition and is made from grapes that have the highest levels of noble rot.