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Italian Wine Makers

Valli Unite

It is rare to find an organisation, founded on a strong ethical principal that some fifty years after its inception has not only retained its core values but also truly blossomed and thrived on them.

Luna del Rospo


Damijan Podversic

Located close to the Slovenian border, the intensely passionate, bear hug giving man that is Damijan Podversic makes fantastic, unique wines from chardonnay, friulano, malvasia, ribolla gialla, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.


The couple here are just amazing; they truly shine from the inside. Dante was a photographer and Helena used to work in the theatre before they came to the 4 hectare estate that Dante’s father bought, not far from Siena.

L'Agricola del Farneto

Based not far from Modena, an area that is famous mostly for its vinegar, it is hardly surprising that when we met them for the first time they were mostly interested in selling us their balsamic rather than their wine…

Marco Sara

The self-effacing, humble, brilliantly talented Marco Sara has got it right when he says that the winemaker should be a ‘non bulky co-star’ alongside the soil, climate and landscape that are central to the final wine.


How to describe Riccardo Zanotto in a few words? Furniture maker and designer during the week, winemaker at the weekend. Creative. Visionary. Exhaustingly energetic! Yes, to all of these things and great fun too.

I Loughi

Is it possible to be a natural wine Super Tuscan? Well, if it is I Luoghi is it.

Stefao and his wife Paolo come from very different backgrounds. She from a wine producing family and one-time student of viticulture and he an electrical engineer.

Giovanni Chiappini

Lupo Maria

It can be a heart sinking moment when someones family member has been sent to ask you to try their wines but this is how we came across Lupo Maria. 

Matej Skerlj

Finding a hitherto unknown great wine is every wine boffin’s dream and made all the sweeter when you find it in the place you’d least expect.


Two brothers Cipriano and Antonio (also flute teacher) Barsanti were born and raised at Macea are now its guardians and the winemakers. 

Stefano Amerighi

He is, in our opinion, a super star winemaker with the looks of an Italian intellectual.

Famous in Italy it cannot be long before his name is known further afield.

Fattoria Castellina

Luciano Saetti