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Home to some of the world’s most unique and scintillating indigenous grape varieties, Italy is also a hotbed of winemaking talent. The importance of delivering wines that have the breadth and balance to be tasted amongst a cacophony of food dishes seems to be imbedded within the Italian psyche and it’s impossible not to be won over by their charisma.

Our Italian selection offers much to explore. Highlights include the unexpectedly mineral, low alcohol, fresh wines from Puglia producer Lupo Maria, as well as the astonishing and ‘must try’ still Prosecco from Zanotto. The Syrah Cortona from superstar winemaker Stefano Amerighi is one of life’s ‘not to be missed’ experiences, whilst our long-term friends at Valli Unite continue to delight with their hugely popular Ottanio Rube Bianco & Rosso, which must be amongst the very best value on our whole list. 


There will be those that disagree but is Piemonte not the worlds most romantic wine region? Disconcertingly beautiful and the stuff of magic.


Those in the know will tell you that Friuli in the northeast is home to some of the finest wines in all of Italy. It’s also a region where fantastic orange wines being made.


It’s not that long ago that when we spoke of the Vento in wine circles the talk was all Valpolicella, Soave and Amarone. Not today because along with Friuli, Veneto is becoming increasingly famous for its production of Proseccco.


Italy’s most famous wine producing region, Tuscany may now be the playground of the Brits and Russians but it was the Greeks and Etruscans that got their first...

Emilia Romagna

Ferrari, Armani, Pavarotti, Fellini… they’re all from Emilia Romagna. Oh yes, alongside Parmesan and Parma ham too.


Olives, it's location as the ‘heel of Italy’, the much photographed trulli houses, more olives… Isn’t that what we all know about Puglia?