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Domaine Fontedicto

  • Organic certified
  • Biodynamic uncertified
  • No sulphite

It’s a shame that words like legendary and artisan have become nullified by their shameful overuse because legendary is exactly the right adjective for winemaker Bernard Bellahsen.


He was working organically and biodynamically long before it became fashionable in the region and whilst retaining an unwavering belief in this way of working he has a healthy cynicism for the organisations that have subsequently appeared to oversee the practices.


Methodical, patient, gentle and tentative in his winemaking he is a man for whom vintage is everything and we firmly believe that he can capture the essence of a year like almost no other.


Like others who have exceptional talent, winemaking isn’t Bernard’s only skill. If you happen to be in the area it’s worth popping to the weekend market where you can buy the bread he makes himself from cereals that are rare or almost extinct. He also trains many of the horses that are in use in nearby vineyards as he has long believed that they have a pivotal role to play in creating the important balance between man, animal, vegetable and mineral.


The wines have wonderful concentration of flavour and balance. The simply magical Coulisses is only made in the very best years and is, every sip, testament to Bernard’s extraordinary talents.