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Domaine Vinci

  • Organic certified
  • Biodynamic uncertified
  • No sulphite

We’ve known Olivier and Emmanuelle for a long time, having worked with them in London’s wine trade. They bought their Roussillon vineyard in 2001; these were hard to access, remote plots that were broadly unwanted due to their inaccessibility, but it was the vine’s isolation between the forest and steep, rocky hills that appealed to this intrepid and talented duo. Here they saw an opportunity to work alongside the surrounding countryside, rather than in spite of it.

To this day, wild fennel, rosemary and thyme grow wild throughout the vineyards where carignan, planted back in 1889, is also to be found.

At the Domaine they also cultivate their own vine nursery through massal selection (where grafts are taken from old vines, chosen for their quality and then used to propagate new vines).

Interestingly, the Domaine has carignan blanc which was widely grubbed up in the 1970s and 1980s; it now forms part of the blend Coyade, which is a little reminiscent of grand cru Burgundy. The reds are restrained despite their power and weight, which is due in significant part to the old vines.