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Domaine De L'ocre Rouge

  • Organic certified
  • Biodynamic uncertified

Aymeric and Marceline Beaufort make delicious, harmonious at their modest biodynamic estate, some ten miles to the north east of Nîmes where the Languedoc meets Provence meets the Rhône.

On the quartz, pebble and iron soils that are surrounded by wild scrubland the couple have vineyards planted with grenache, carignan, syrah and merlot which is typical for the area but coming from Champagne as they do, it seemed only natural to them to plant chardonnay and point noir when they arrived in 1999. Yields are kept very low at just 30 hectolitres per hectare.

They used wooden barrels in the winery but none are new and there’s no fining or filtration either. Aymeric and Marceline say themselves that the wines are atypical for the region. Why? Because they are vivacious and have a light touch whilst retaining the spice and flavour that you would expect.

All of our wines are made by talented and assiduous individuals but this couple, like a handful of others deserve special mention for their extraordinary skill.