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If France were a family member she would be your mother in law: sometimes overly opinionated, impossible to give advice to, and yet the person who gave birth to someone we love more than anyone else in the world.

And so it is with wine. We all have the odd grumble at the French wine industry, but anyone who seriously loves wine cannot deny that it is the source of some of the world’s finest. Winemakers here have long understood that the thrill of great wines is to let their terroir sing. People bandy the idea around today as though it were something new, but it has been at the core of French winemaking for centuries.

It seems unfair to pick out just a few, but the peerless wines of Loire-based Pascal Lambert are an extraordinary treat – he’s a man who knows better than most how to handle oak whilst retaining minerality and vivacity. The Malbec wine from Tire Pé represents terrific value, and is a salient reminder that Malbec is a Bordeaux variety by origin. Then there is Domaine Vinci in the Roussillon, which has to be one of the region’s most underestimated wineries, delivering wines that are both rich and complex.


A wine making region that runs some 300 miles from west to east, the Loire Valley boasts some of the most picturesque vineyards in the whole of France. 


In wine terms there will be some who will reach the Médoc and see little merit in travelling deeper in to France’s south west but those that don’t will miss the hugely exciting...


How to sum up an area that has Provence and the Southern Rhône to the east and the Spanish-hugging Roussillon at its westerly edge?


Ah Provence… All those lovely rosé wines! Well, yes, they are certainly there, but don’t forget about the superb whites and reds that are made here too.


If ever you are looking for a clue as to what’s in store when you open a bottle of Rhône, look no further than the powerful, long, broad, meandering river itself. 


Home to some of the world’s finest, rarest and most expensive wines, Burgundy can be a source of the wine drinker’s greatest pleasures...


The wines from Champagne should mirror how special this region is. Our selection does exactly that, reflecting the unique terroir and grapes. Introducing natural Champagne.