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The people who make our organic wines are as diverse as the grape varieties they cultivate; some were born in the vines, others were self taught, while another tends his family's vines alongside a career as a furniture maker.

Our producers are united in their desire to produce quality organic wines in as natural a way as possible. There’s no smoothing out the difficulties of a vintage with a splash of herbicide a or pesticide b and modern-day winery techniques that deliver crystal clear wines, often at the expense of flavour, are avoided.

Our wines are ‘natural’, ‘organic’ even ‘biodynamic’. These terms have been loved, derided and misunderstood in equal measure in recent times. We could make a lengthy case for each but it all comes down to this:

We, like our winemakers, believe that the best way to create a wine that is both authentic and a vivid reflection of its unique terroir is to care for the vineyards without chemical intervention, and by judicious and minimal handling in the winery. As one producer, Marco Sara puts it: “we [winemakers] are co-stars to the soil, climate, landscape and biodiversity…

Every wine on our list has a story and personality all of its own and getting to know them is as exhilarating as it is pleasurable.