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French Wine Makers

Domaine des Sablonettes

It’s sometimes hard to communicate what natural winemaking is all about but Joel and Christine Menard describe it well when they say that their wines are like children... 

Joel Courthault

Touraine-based biodynamic producer who has some seven hectares on sandy, high acidity soils that are primarily planted with sauvignon blanc. The rest are made up of pineau, chenin, gamay and cabernet franc.

Damien Laureau


Chateau Tire-Pe

Sixty kilometres south of Bordeaux, where ‘organic’ remains something of a dirty word, this estate is planted on the clay and limestone soils where the merlot, cabernet franc and malbec vines... 

Domaine Vinci

We’ve known Olivier and Emmanuelle for a long time, having worked with them in London’s wine trade. They bought their Roussillon vineyard in 2001; hard to access, remote plots that were broadly unwanted...

Domaine Les Eminades

Luc (winemaker) and Patricia (pharmacist, homeopath and wage earner!) fell in love with Saint Chinian and Cébazan in particular because of, what they describe, as the “mosaic of terroirs...

Domaine Des 2 Anes

So, why would you call your estate “Domain of the Two Donkeys”? Rather charmingly, Magali and Dominique Terrier have a soft spot for the animals they think are rather like them - stubborn and with a liking...

Domaine l'Ocre Rouge

On the quartz, pebble and iron soils that are surrounded by wild scrubland the couple have vineyards planted with grenache, carignan, syrah and merlot which is typical for the area but...

Ferme Des 7 Lunes

Jean Delobre has a truly winning smile. He seems content, happy with his lot. It’s a good sign. Wines are so often a reflection of the people that make them...

Domaine Guillot-Broux

Domaine Guillot-Broux is a 17 hectares vineyard in the Maconnais made up of Chardonnay, Gamay and Pinot noir. It is the first Certified Organic vineyard in Burgundy (1950's) and spreads over 3 areas: Cruzille, Grévilly and Chardonnay

Domaine Jean Fournier

Château Tour Grise

Philippe Gourdon comes from a long family tradition of wine making but it took him a while to come to the party – via a deviation into the world of mushroom farming...

Pascal Lambert

We think these wines are peerless and it seems inconceivable that we would ever look for Chinon from any other producer. The intensity of the man and his biodynamic principals are reflected measure for measure in the wines... 

Le Jonc Blanc


Château Lassolle

It would be a shame to make Lassolle sound, in any way, pedestrian.  At the helm is the talented winemaker, Stéphanie Roussel whose cliffhanger approach to winemaking means that a wine in every vintage...

Opi d’Aqui

A comparatively new biodynamic estate that makes extremely accessible, drinkable wines. The estate name translates literally as ‘opium from here’.

Domaine Fontedicto

It’s a shame that words like legendary and artisan have become nullified by their shameful overuse because legendary is exactly the right adjective for winemaker Bernard Bellahsen.

Benoit Chazallon

Domaine Rapatel

Gérard Eyraud makes wine for wine lovers. He’s bluntly dismissive of fashion and makes the wines ‘that he wants to’ and does so with passion, flair and just a little bit of...

P-U-R Rhone

P.U.R is ‘Production Unique Rebelle’ and is headed up by two cousins

 who have based themselves in Villefranche-Sur-soane and who work with top quality viticulturalists from the south of Burgundy all the way to the Côtes du Rhone

P-U-R Burgundy

Domaine De Bois D'Yver

Le Grain de Sénevé

 Hervé Ravera bought his own vines in 2007 to begin making his own wine. Prior to this he was living and working as a nurse in Salvador. His 2 ha are located behind his house with ancient apple trees at the top.

Les Capriades