Aubert & Mascoli offers superb French and Italian handcrafted wines from ambitious vignerons - growers who use their intuition and know-how to make truly wonderful wines.

These wines are well kept secrets, made on a small scale and sold regionally. The reasons these winemakers do not export are the small quantities available, and more importantly, they are not on the radar of the English wine trade yet.

Each vineyard has its own story, but what these artisan winemakers share is the passion to produce - without compromise - exceptional, handcrafted wines which express the characteristics of a place, a soil, a plant and a climate.

All our wines are either organic, natural, biodynamic or from sustainable agriculture - depending where and how they are made. Organic winemaking is a vast subject and a minefield in terms of communication.

On our travels to European vineyards, we sometimes come across amazing food as well as wine. This is why we have started to import food we think is of great interest, value and quality.

Our small food portfolio is made up of Organic Olive Oil from Fattoria Mose in Sicilia, Organic tinned tomatoes from Iris in Veneto and Verjus from Perigord in the South West of France.

If you would like to receive a trade list, please contact us at wholesale@aubertandmascoli.com


The Founders

In May 2009, Guillaume Aubert (Maison Aubert) and Giuseppe Mascoli (Terroirs) merged to form Aubert & Mascoli.

Guillaume has been working in the wine industry in France and the UK since 1996, first passing a winemaking degree in the Loire Valley then working for an independent importer in London for several years.

Giuseppe is the creative force behind Blacks Members Club in Soho, Franco Manca Pizzeria in Brixton and Chiswick as well as the quarterly The Drawbridge. He has been bringing wine into the UK since 1992.